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How to Protect Babys Ears from Loud Noise

Noise is mechanical vibration characterized by frequency (Hz), intensity (dB), tempo, and duration. Noise is a meaningless sound. It is a pollution factor that affects everyone. The audibility of babies will be less than adults, as their ear canal is small. As babies are more sensitive to noise, an earmuff will protect their ears from surrounding noise.

The best baby earmuff with noise-reducing features makes your baby feels comfortable. Earmuffs are safety gear for baby ears. As a parent, you must protect your babies from unwanted sounds that affect their tiny ears. Let us check the sources, impact, and the features to protect the baby’s ears from loud noise in this article.

Noise source for baby

Sounds are often too loud in places like

  • Densely populated area
  • School, hospital
  • Elevators, fountains
  • Sound making toys
  • Rush hour traffic
  • Factory
  • Construction and excavation of a road to fill a pit

How to Protect Babies' Ears from Loud Noise

Which babies are vulnerable?

  • Fetus
  • Infant
  • Premature, low birth weight babies
  • Baby with hyperactivity, dyslexia

If the pregnant mother had to live and work in a noisy, constant environment, in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the fetus was at risk of malformations and hearing loss. It’s congenital, affecting weight gain in the womb.

The impact of noise

Direct influence: Ear damage, causes hearing loss, reduces the hearing threshold.

Indirect influence: Psychology, cognition, ability to learn, read, comprehend long-term memory, and focus attention.

A lot of high-intensity sounds can knock out the memory-protecting mechanisms. It causes permanent damage to the structure of the baby’s ears and sound systems. Repeated lingering noises also cause permanent damage.

Signs of hearing impairment

  • Infants: Babies do not startle when hearing loud applause from a distance of 0.9-1.8m or no response to your voice.
  • 8-12 months: Baby does not turn their head to the familiar sound or do not respond to the voice of loved ones.
  • 1 and a half years old: Baby cannot use some single words like mother, father, and so on. Unable to distinguish parts when suggested.
  • 2 years old: Baby cannot follow simple requirements without visual cues, actions, or repetitive phrases.
  • 3 years old: Baby cannot navigate the source of the sound. Do not understand and cannot use words like walking.
  • 4 years old: Baby cannot tell a few things they have done recently.
  • 5 years old: Baby cannot make a simple conversation or sentences they use are very difficult to understand.
  • School-age: Signs of hearing impairment at this age are by lack of concentration, neglect, frequent colds, or ear pain.

If your baby exhibits any of the above symptoms or does not exhibit age-appropriate behaviors, take your baby to the physician for early detection of instability.

What babies need?

The safe listening threshold depends on the noise, and the time they expose it to that noise. Baby other than adults do not know how to make this sound so loud, so noisy and annoying, they may just cry and fuss.


Less than 45 dB (small talk). Beyond this threshold is harmful.

Older baby

Noises below 70 – 80 dB are safe. The level of 80 dB is about the level of a tinkling noise at a morning noodle shop in Hanoi or the sound of traffic on Thanh Thai street at 3 pm. The level of 60 dB (very safe) is the equivalent of near-private talk.

Unprotected exposure to sounds above 100 dB (train noise) is harmful, with short or long exposure times.

The following tips may help protect your baby’s hearing function in noisy environments.

Avoid letting your baby listen to prolonged commercials with lots of loud noises.

Babywear protective gear, earplugs, noise-canceling headphones for babies when going to places with noise (crowds, trains, airports, stages, discos, events music) and maximum exposure time, frequency of hearing noise – even at a slightly higher threshold. When subjected to constant loud noises such as drills or lawnmowers. In this case, the best baby earmuff with the noise-reducing feature will be more useful. As babies will get frightened by hearing loud noises these ear muffs help them by giving the audible sound for ears.How to Protect Babies' Ears from Loud Noise

Make sure the sound environment (noise from heating or cooling systems, the hum of computers, and other appliances) around your baby’s school does not exceed the allowed limit.

Many houses and schools built near places with continuous loud sounds, such as busy intersections and train stations, will cause serious hearing impairment. Therefore, parents should follow these measures to get relieved from the outside noise.

    • Sound insulation for walls.
    • Handling sound reverberation on walls or ceilings.
    • Windows and doors do not have many gaps.
    • Ventilation and air-conditioning systems running smoothly.


Babies are more sensitive to noise than adults. This is because the baby’s ear canal is tiny when compared to adults. So even with inaudible sound, the pressure developed will be more for babies. Noise makes the baby uncomfortable. To overcome these for babies, various types of earmuffs ensure safety for ears. Choose the best baby ear muffs for your baby, which reduces the noise in the surroundings. These safeguard the ears of your growing baby. It ensures the audible sound, which doesn’t damage your baby ears from surrounding. Let’s have a noise-free environment for the health and safety of the growing kiddies.

Healthy Baby Skin Care with Helpful Tips

Because babies have thin and vulnerable skin, many parents are very concerned about healthy baby skin care.

As a child, the baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, which can cause rashes and allergies many times if not properly cared for. Let’s learn how to care for your baby’s skin with us

Baby skin care

Parents should use natural products and do not have any chemical additives that are harmful to their skin, because their skin has the following characteristics:

  • Very thin and vulnerable;
  • It takes time to adapt to the surroundings;
  • Baby’s skin faces many problems like diaper rash, chemicals in soap and shampoo;
  • Prone to skin allergies in the first few months

Proper care will help your baby have healthy skin. Here are a few methods:


Parents should use shampoo and shower gel hypoallergenic. Wash your baby’s face with warm water and bathe her in a warm place. You should turn off the air conditioner and fan so your baby doesn’t feel cold.

Remember not to try any new products on your baby’s skin or use antibacterial soap because they’re so strong. Ideally, you should wipe your baby with a cotton towel gently to minimize scratches.


You need to be careful when choosing powder. Choose products for babies, avoid fragrant straws and other chemicals because they can irritate the skin. It is best to avoid using talcum powder on the diaper area as this can lead to future complications or infection.

Mattresses and diapers

Diapers are an indispensable item for children at night or when going out. However, there are certain types of diapers that can cause skin irritation and rash or infection so it is best to change the diaper immediately.

If you see skin showing signs of irritation, choose a different type of diaper. Remember to change as soon as your baby’s diaper is dirty, because too long it may cause an infection.

Rash rash usually occurs because your baby is wearing a wet diaper for too long, too tightly, or by using inappropriate washing powder. Most babies tend to have a rash, so you need to take some precautions to avoid this condition:

  • Change nappies right after getting wet. After using a washcloth, sprinkle a little powder to keep the baby’s skin dry and clean;
  • Most skin rash in children is not a serious problem, very few show signs of infection and require special care. If you find the rash is severe, take your baby to the pediatrician for immediate treatment.

Skin problems

Many babies have birthmarks (areas of slight discoloration) and the condition is not inherited. Parents do not need to worry about birthmarks because they are completely harmless to the baby and do not require treatment.

  • Eczema is a form of itchy and red rash that occurs due to many causes. It often appears on a baby’s face, elbow, arm or behind the knees and chest. If someone in your family has allergies, asthma or atopic dermatitis, they are at risk of this disease. You just need to use a gentle shower gel to wash your baby.
  • Some babies have acne. However, they are not the same as puberty acne . If this continues, take your baby to the doctor.

Dry skin

If your baby has dry skin, use a natural moisturizer to increase moisture, making the skin soft and supple. Coconut oil is a smart choice.

  • Avoid showering your baby too often as this can wash away important nutrients on the skin.
  • At the first month, use a sponge to gently wipe your baby two or three times a week. This will keep the baby clean but still protect the skin from losing natural moisture.
  • Use skin care products for babies. Be careful if your baby is allergic to any products such as shower gel, shampoo and lotion.

Skin care tips for babies

Newborn skin is very sensitive and so is the immune system.

  • Babies should not be exposed to sunlight until 6 months of age. Let your child wear long sleeves, pants and a hat to protect the baby’s delicate skin;
  • Make sure that the newly bought outfit must be washed clean before letting your child wear it;
  • Hot weather often causes sweating in the armpits, skin folds and diaper area. You should wear loose-fitting clothes and create a cool environment to avoid heat rash;
  • Chemical cleansers, talcum powder and some baby products can cause skin irritation and rashes. You should try to use organic products to protect your baby’s skin from infections or allergies.

Through the above sharing, hope that you understand more about how to care for your baby’s skin. Remember that your baby’s skin is very sensitive, so you need to have proper care.

Beauty Secrets for Baby Girls

Every mother who gives birth to a daughter wants her child to be beautiful with smooth skin as an adult. The following secrets for girls’ skin beauty help you plan to care for your baby’s skin as soon as she enters elementary school. The material is completely natural, not harmful to your sensitive skin.

Do not think of when you enter teenagers or adults needing care. I can help you look like a beauty when you grow up. The secret is to beautify your beloved daughter from natural ingredients. These beauty treatments are also a way to take care of the baby’s skin & hair health.

Coconut oil helps children have white skin

Coconut oil contains Vitamin-E, K, and minerals, helping to make girls’ hair & skin healthy. In particular, your baby’s skin will be white pink if you regularly use coconut oil to massage your baby. You can use a little coconut oil massage for girls before bathing. Coconut oil essence penetrates deep into the skin, waiting for 20-30 minutes to bathe. Thus, the baby’s skin will be pink, bright white, smooth.

You should choose to buy virgin coconut oil, avoid low-quality oils that affect the skin of children. How to identify virgin coconut oil is quite simple, you put the coconut oil bottle in the refrigerator compartment, from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Virgin coconut oil will solidify. If the bottle of coconut oil does not solidify, or only solidifies the surface, it is a blended or non-pure preservative.

If you want your girl to have thick, curled lashes when she grows up, you can use a cotton swab soaked in coconut oil, sweeping up the eyebrow line when she sleeps. Coconut oil will help nourish your eyelashes, soft, and effective.

Once a month, you can warm your baby’s hair with coconut oil. When growing, your baby will have thick and smooth hair. That is the secret of beauty that Indians have applied for a long time.

Body massage with olive oil

Olive oil contains many healthy acids like oleic acid, palmitic acid, and other fatty acids. Using olive oil as a massage oil for elementary school children, the compounds in the oil help moisturize, regenerate dead tissue, and make children’s skin healthy and smooth.

If your child has seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap), it is recommended to keep olive oil on his hair and scalp, for 30-45 minutes. After that, massage your scalp and wash your baby’s hair. Olive oil will help your child reduce this seborrheic dermatitis. Note, so that olive oil does not spread on the hair, mother shampoo her hair with baby shampoo with warm water.

Olive oil also helps stimulate the cells under the skin, making the daughter’s skin smooth and ruddy.

Give me fresh milk

Vietnamese people like girls with pink and white skin. Want this, the bath of fresh milk combined with some kind of “cosmetics” nature such as turmeric, orange, strawberry … will help your beloved daughter. The lactic acid in milk helps smooth white skin and nourish the skin.

To increase the effect, mix orange juice or a spoon of turmeric powder (not turmeric, make the skin yellow) in the milk. The vitamin C in oranges helps smooth skin.

If combined with turmeric powder, fresh orange, fresh strawberries, you just need to put the same fresh milk in a small pot, use a towel to cover all children, wait 1-2 minutes for absorbent and continue hiding until the milk in the pot. Wash again with warm water, not using extra soap or shower gel.

When showering with milk and oranges/turmeric, fragile primary skin is likely to catch the sun. Mom, remember to remind me to wear a hat, long sleeves when going out in the sun. And remember to always apply sunscreen when you are on the road.

As close to puberty, the tween-year-old daughter will appear physical transformation symptoms. At this time, skincare, hair should be more concerned.

Rice flour

Rice flour is not only a natural beauty material for women. This natural and soothing ingredient is also effective in beautifying your elementary age daughter. Sometimes, you can give your child a bath of rice flour instead of chemical products.

Simply put, you can teach your child to refine the rice and save it for daily washing. Hardly bathing children with rice flour, they will have smooth pink-white skin. Healthy skin also helps children limit acne when they enter puberty.

Teaching children beauty does not mean that for girls to dress up and use cosmetics early on. Beauty for girls even when they were in elementary school is the way mothers teach their children how to take care of themselves and daily hygiene. You should clearly explain to your child how to take care of himself/herself, avoiding the use of cosmetics and makeup like adults, which can adversely affect his delicate skin.

Should I Build My Own Baby Grooming Kit?

Most of the parents do their best to take care of their beloved baby on a regular basis. They are very conscious about how to protect their baby from injuries or ailments. On the other hand, they get ever-increasing requirements to care their baby as their baby often falls sick or gets hurt. As a parent, you have to own the best baby first aid kit which is very helpful to provide a first aid for your baby who suffers from any injury.  You may have a doubt regarding whether you have to build the first aid kit for your baby on your own or buy a leading brand of the first aid kit on the market.Should I Build My Own Baby Grooming Kit

Take care of your baby

Every parent tries to master the art of taking care of their baby. However, they cannot do it on their own. They require the best products and guidance from experts in the baby care and grooming. You can focus on basic things included in the first aid kits specially designed for babies and get an overview about whether you can spend enough time to gather all such things to make the baby first aid kit yourself. It is the right time to understand the basic baby grooming activities and make certain about how to successfully do such things. You can focus on the following aspects of baby grooming and make a good decision.

  • Nail care
  • Tooth and gum care
  • Ear cleaning
  • Hair brushing
  • Nose cleaning
  • Hair trimming
  • Bathing
  • Skin care
  • Bottom cleaning
  • Laundry

Regular updates of top brands of the baby first aid kit attract parents who wish to directly find and buy the suitable first aid kit. You may have loads of doubts regarding the baby grooming and baby first aid kits at this time and take note of complete details about baby first aid kits and grooming products one after another right now. You require enhancing your expertise about how to pick and get one of the most suitable products to take care of your baby.

Explore baby grooming and first aid kits

As a parent with an aim to get your baby well-groomed from top to bottom, you have to focus on cheap and best baby grooming products on the market. You can also research the baby first aid kit collection of top brands and make certain benefits and drawbacks of well-known brands of first aid kits for babies.  You will get the most expected guidance and fulfil wishes about how to prefer and buy the baby first aid products and grooming products as per your requirements.  There are loads of methods to groom and take care of your baby. However, you need high-quality and 100% safe first aid products and baby grooming items suggested by specialists.

The first-class yet reasonable price of the baby grooming kit includes, but never limited to the nail clippers, hair brush, nasal aspirator, hair comb, thermometer, medicine dispenser, toothbrush, fingernail file, emergency contact card, teether, storage bag and gum massager. Out of the usual things in the first aid kits and baby grooming kits on the market impress parents and give them eagerness to buy one of these kits. You can discuss with the customer support representative of the shop renowned for the first aid kits in the baby category and enhance your approach for buying the suitable kit as per requirements.  A reasonable price of the first aid kit is helpful for every parent who likes to keep their beloved baby safe and healthy every day.Should I Build My Own Baby Grooming Kit

The main things in the baby first aid kit

Every parent should have the baby first aid kit on hand and be aware of how to properly use it on time. You have to take care of your baby with the best and safe tools and products in this kit. Do not forget that your baby has delicate and sensitive skin. Any item in the adult first aid kit and grooming kit is not appropriate for grooming the baby. You can research everything about the baby first aid kits and the role of the best baby grooming kit right now. You will get enough assistance and ensure about an outstanding approach for buying the suitable kit.

As compared to buying different items associated with the baby first aid or grooming, you can directly pick and purchase the cheap and best baby first aid kit or grooming kit of top brand on the market. This is because you can save time and money while ensuring the overall comfort and safety of your baby. Every item in the first aid kit for babies is designed particularly for babies. If you have decided to trim nails of your baby, then you cannot use your nail clippers. You require special designs of nail clippers designed to trim fingernails of babies.Should I Build My Own Baby Grooming Kit

Make an informed decision

Parents who have the cheap and best first aid kit specially designed to take care of the baby these days are confident and happy to let their baby explore the indoor entertaining things. They can immediately access such first aid kit and use it when their baby gets any medical condition or minor injury. They ensure about different benefits of keeping the baby first aid kit at home to provide the prompt medical care for baby. Then, they improve their way to care for the beloved baby and recommend the best baby first aid kit to other parents. They provide the first aid assistance on time, care and love their baby on a regular basis.

Readymade baby first aid kits come with all essential medical supplies. However, these kits may not include all the emergency supplies required. Your baby may start crawling and walking in recent times. You have to be careful in this period as your baby is prone to ailments and injuries. Futher, you can prefer and buy the appropriate baby first aid kit. You will get different benefits from high-quality yet affordable baby first aid kits.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Happy New Year everyone!! I finished 2013 as a bad blogger! I’m sure past brides can understand, once it gets down to crunch time (as in 2 months until your wedding!) it’s hard to think about anything else.

It’s officially 23 days away from my wedding. I can’t believe it! When they tell you it goes by so quickly, they ain’t lying (I’m southern y’all!)! My amazing bridesmaids keep asking if they can help me do anything but honestly, there isn’t much else to do but walk down the aisle. But yet I have that mind frame that I have so much to do which causes me to have anxiety attacks. Literally!

The past few months I’ve been trying other makeup lines to see if I can add more to my work kit. My goodness has it been fun!! I have a LONG list in ‘Notes’ on my phone of goodies I want to get. While playing with new makeup over the winter months, my skin got ridiculously dry! I never thought that it could happen because I’ve been battling adult  acne for a couple of years now. I was prescribed Epiduo from my dermatologist so it has helped keep the oil and blemishes at bay. But this year, my skin has been FLAKING! Since my wedding is so soon, I had to find something to smooth my skin back out without breaking me out. But of course, like switching to any new product, your skin has to get used to it and 9 times out of 10 you’ll break out a bit. But give it time! And that’s something I’ve done.

Im listing some of my new favorite makeup and skincare products below. And did I mention they’re ALL reasonably priced?!Baby. It's Cold Outside

1. Oxygen Botanicals Hydrating Eye Cream – this stuff is like a miracle in a bottle! When having extremely dry skin it tends to get very sensitive. Especially around the eyes. This cream not only takes away the sensitivity but it doesn’t sting once applied like a lot of other products do. It has green tea, sweet almond oil, aloe, and vitamin A which helps with fine lines. And that it does!

2. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask – you should ALWAYS use a heavier moisturizer at night due to friction and to hold that moisture into the skin. this mask is meant to be used overnight. I wake up and my skin is the smoothest it’s ever been!

3. Oxygen Botanicals Super Hydrating Cream – Most people could use this as a night cream but my parched skin needs it for the day time! It is filled with Hyaluronic Acid, which is the most moisturizing ingredient for the skin. it makes my skin stay moisturized ALL day without getting that tight feeling. It also goes great under my primer and foundation.Baby. It's Cold Outside

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray – I was very hesitant about this product since I already had MAC’s Fix + Spray. But in my opinion, this is WAY better! And it’s oil and paraben free! I don’t have to re-powder at all during the day!

2. Sigma Beauty Brushes – I will always say that MAC makes the best brushes. However, I’ve been watching many YouTube videos and artists on Instagram using these more and more. They are definitely more affordable than MAC and actually have a much bigger selection. I haven’t tried them yet but I just sent in to get my discount and once I start using them, I’ll let you know if they’re yay or nay! But I have high hopes. 😉

3. Morphe Brushes – I know the picture is of a palette but their main sellers seem to be brushes (hence the name!). Once again, these have also received great reviews and they’re even CHEAPER than Sigma! I will be trying them because the prices seem too good to be true. But I’ve researched everywhere and haven’t found one bad review! They’re palettes look beautiful as well so I can’t wait to try those in the next couple of weeks.

4. Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Waterproof Concealer – I tried this on whim thinking that I needed a good concealer that will stay put if (who are we kidding?! WHEN) I cry at our ceremony in 25 days. it says what it does… It stays put ALL day. Even through a few tears and contact issues! A must for all brides!

5. Tarte Braziliance Skin Rejuvinating Maracuja Face & Body Self Tanner – Goodness, that’s a mouthful! It’s so hard to find a good self tanner. I’ve tried so many over the years and I think I’ve found one I love. It comes with a mitt so your palms don’t get that dirty look even AFTER washing your hands. it’s also moisturizing since you can’t put on a body lotion beforehand. the formula is dark when applying so you can see if you have streaks anywhere. It’s great for these winter months when we tend to be pale!Baby. It's Cold Outside

1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette – Do you know that I waited in line at Sephora the night this was launched?!  It is probably my favorite Naked palette thus far. Why? Well, it’s very different than the first two as far as colors and you can’t go wrong with pinks and browns! They look great on everyone. I love the versatility that it offers. You can wear a light pink during the day and go glam with a black sparkle smokey eye at night!

2. Anastasia Dip Brown Pomade – After watching one of my favorite makeup artists on YouTube review this product, I had to have it! Talk about a brow “gel” that will last FOREVER! I use MAC’s 266 angled brush to apply this and you use very little product. Make sure to apply with light strokes. A little goes a long way! I still use a clear gel to keep my brows in place but honestly, you really don’t need to because it holds them in place on it’s own. I highly, highly recommend this product!!

3. Tarte Maracuja Creasless Concealer – I know this is the second concealer I’ve written about but this is a great one as well. A little goes a very long way with this one. my other favorite thing about this concealer is that it’s great for dark circles because it brightens the area if you set it with a translucent powder by patting the powder on with either a stippling brush or beauty sponge (that way it won’t move the concealer out. It will hold it under your eyes!).

4. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation – I decided to try this when I felt like my MAC Pro-Longwear foundation was making my skin have that tight, dry feeling. This is like a tinted moisturizer but with more coverage. I love that you don’t have to use a lot to cover your entire face. And the coverage is an A+. It’s kept my skin feeling moisturized throughout the day but not make me oily at all!!

I hope you’ve learned a few fun things. I’m a product junky and love reading reviews and peoples thoughts on them. Hopefully I’ll get one more post in before my big day…. 😉

There’s A Baby In The Dollhouse!!!!

I’m sure  most of you know what we’ve been up to lately. It’s blanetly obvious if you visit mine and Lauren’s Facebook pages. But if you DON’T know……. Little baby Chloe Elizabeth was born on September 30th at 2:36am to my best friends Lauren and Tim Nichols! Man, was it a long night! I thought for sure Chloe would enter the world the night of the 29th but she had to be like her mommy and be fashionably late so as to make an entrance!

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed in the room during labor (ARGH!), but when I walked in to meet my brand new goddaughter around 6:30am, I let everyone coddle over baby Chloe for a minute to sit on the bed with my friend/sister to make sure she was okay (Lauren had to get a Cesarean Section due to the little one not wanting to come out!). We hugged and cried because she was now a mommy! I look at Tim like a brother and we joke that it’s awkward if we hug or do a kiss on the cheek. But that ALL went out the window that early morning. I even told Lauren just the other day that seeing him as a new daddy makes him even more attractive than he already is. That was so weird to say out loud!!

Chloe is a little over 3 weeks old today and I can’t tell you how loved and spoiled this baby is! As a Godmother, I can’t express the love I have for this new beautiful life that I get to be a part of. I can only imagine the feeling when we have our own children. I didn’t want to write much because for one, everyone always wants to see pictures and two, I’ve been CRAZY busy taking care of Lauren’s wonderful clientele until she gets back. So here you go Dollface Readers…. Here’s the stunning baby Chloe Elizabeth Nichols!!There’s A Baby In The Dollhouse!!!!.

Above Photo’s Curtesy of Heather Marie PhotographyThere’s A Baby In The Dollhouse!!!!.There’s A Baby In The Dollhouse!!!!.