Beauty Secrets for Baby Girls

Every mother who gives birth to a daughter wants her child to be beautiful with smooth skin as an adult. The following secrets for girls’ skin beauty help you plan to care for your baby’s skin as soon as she enters elementary school. The material is completely natural, not harmful to your sensitive skin.

Do not think of when you enter teenagers or adults needing care. I can help you look like a beauty when you grow up. The secret is to beautify your beloved daughter from natural ingredients. These beauty treatments are also a way to take care of the baby’s skin & hair health.

Coconut oil helps children have white skin

Coconut oil contains Vitamin-E, K, and minerals, helping to make girls’ hair & skin healthy. In particular, your baby’s skin will be white pink if you regularly use coconut oil to massage your baby. You can use a little coconut oil massage for girls before bathing. Coconut oil essence penetrates deep into the skin, waiting for 20-30 minutes to bathe. Thus, the baby’s skin will be pink, bright white, smooth.

You should choose to buy virgin coconut oil, avoid low-quality oils that affect the skin of children. How to identify virgin coconut oil is quite simple, you put the coconut oil bottle in the refrigerator compartment, from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Virgin coconut oil will solidify. If the bottle of coconut oil does not solidify, or only solidifies the surface, it is a blended or non-pure preservative.

If you want your girl to have thick, curled lashes when she grows up, you can use a cotton swab soaked in coconut oil, sweeping up the eyebrow line when she sleeps. Coconut oil will help nourish your eyelashes, soft, and effective.

Once a month, you can warm your baby’s hair with coconut oil. When growing, your baby will have thick and smooth hair. That is the secret of beauty that Indians have applied for a long time.

Body massage with olive oil

Olive oil contains many healthy acids like oleic acid, palmitic acid, and other fatty acids. Using olive oil as a massage oil for elementary school children, the compounds in the oil help moisturize, regenerate dead tissue, and make children’s skin healthy and smooth.

If your child has seborrheic dermatitis (cradle cap), it is recommended to keep olive oil on his hair and scalp, for 30-45 minutes. After that, massage your scalp and wash your baby’s hair. Olive oil will help your child reduce this seborrheic dermatitis. Note, so that olive oil does not spread on the hair, mother shampoo her hair with baby shampoo with warm water.

Olive oil also helps stimulate the cells under the skin, making the daughter’s skin smooth and ruddy.

Give me fresh milk

Vietnamese people like girls with pink and white skin. Want this, the bath of fresh milk combined with some kind of “cosmetics” nature such as turmeric, orange, strawberry … will help your beloved daughter. The lactic acid in milk helps smooth white skin and nourish the skin.

To increase the effect, mix orange juice or a spoon of turmeric powder (not turmeric, make the skin yellow) in the milk. The vitamin C in oranges helps smooth skin.

If combined with turmeric powder, fresh orange, fresh strawberries, you just need to put the same fresh milk in a small pot, use a towel to cover all children, wait 1-2 minutes for absorbent and continue hiding until the milk in the pot. Wash again with warm water, not using extra soap or shower gel.

When showering with milk and oranges/turmeric, fragile primary skin is likely to catch the sun. Mom, remember to remind me to wear a hat, long sleeves when going out in the sun. And remember to always apply sunscreen when you are on the road.

As close to puberty, the tween-year-old daughter will appear physical transformation symptoms. At this time, skincare, hair should be more concerned.

Rice flour

Rice flour is not only a natural beauty material for women. This natural and soothing ingredient is also effective in beautifying your elementary age daughter. Sometimes, you can give your child a bath of rice flour instead of chemical products.

Simply put, you can teach your child to refine the rice and save it for daily washing. Hardly bathing children with rice flour, they will have smooth pink-white skin. Healthy skin also helps children limit acne when they enter puberty.

Teaching children beauty does not mean that for girls to dress up and use cosmetics early on. Beauty for girls even when they were in elementary school is the way mothers teach their children how to take care of themselves and daily hygiene. You should clearly explain to your child how to take care of himself/herself, avoiding the use of cosmetics and makeup like adults, which can adversely affect his delicate skin.

Beauty Secrets for Baby Girls
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