Minimal vs. a LOT!

I know I haven’t mentioned this but those of you that don’t know… My beautiful and amazing business partner (most importantly my best friend!) is pregger’s! She will be giving birth to mine and Matt’s Goddaughter on or around September 27th. I get so emotional thinking about little Chloe. I cried when her and her husband told us, I cried when she told me it was a girl, I cried at her gender reveal (you think this virgo can wait a week to find out the gender of the baby?! I think not!) party as I watched her go into daze thinking about her new baby girl, and I cried last week in the middle of the New Kids On The Block concert because I felt little Chloe kick!! Although very stressful, this is a great time in our lives. She’s having a baby, I’m getting married! Lauren and I have really leaned on each other this past year. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, “sister”, or partner. =)

Ok, enough sappiness!! Let’s get down to it! It’s almost the end of June which means, I get a stay-cation in a week! Woot woot! But I wanted to show brides and anyone the difference between minimal and a lot of makeup. Brides who are used to wearing only tinted moisturizer, mascara, bronzer, and lipgloss get a little surprised when we tell them up front that for the day of their wedding, they’re going to HAVE to wear more than what they’re used to. this is biggest photographed day in your entire life. You need that extra to feel beautiful but also feel like yourself. Lauren and I call it an”enhanced version of yourself”. Lauren and I are product junkies!! We have so much makeup that you honestly couldn’t even comprehend! Every wedding, I always get a “Wow, look at all this makeup” at least from one person.

When either Lauren or I first meet with a bride, sometimes they say they like the amount of makeup that we’re wearing. We wear A LOT! But to us, on most days, it’s a minimal look to us. Everyone has a different perception of what is minimal and what is not. So when I tell a bride that I’m wearing what she would think is a lot, she then tells me that she’d like to try it. As soon as we’re done and she looks in the mirror for the first time, she then wants to tone it down. So basically what I’m trying to put across is to listen to your artist. Bring pictures, make sure she gives you a THOROUGH consultation. When I say thorough I mean she is asking you questions you never thought could be asked. What colors you like to wear, how do you normally wear your shadow, do you like a smokey look, how far over do you like your eyeliner to go, do you wear bronzer on your cheeks or a color, what is your skin type, do you wear gloss or lipstick, are you more comfortable with a dark shadow on the lid or a darker crease and lighter lid, I could seriously go on and on! Lauren and I book out 2 hours for the trial run and consultation because we want the bride to love every little detail!

Here’s an example of very minimal makeup:Minimal vs. a LOT!

And these four photos are of Lauren and I. We wear these colors a lot. Brides always tell us that they love them and would like something like it. But you need to know, it’s a lot to the average woman:

Minimal vs. a LOT!

Photo’s courtesy of Rachel Fesko Photography and Richard Israel Photography

As we end this spring wedding season my biggest advice is don’t be afraid to tell your artist you aren’t happy with your look. If you’re a true, professional “artist”, you know you’re good! Being honest with us is what we want! And know the difference between what is minimal and what is a lot. Especially for engagement photos, bridals, and the big wedding day!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. I hope it really helps everyone know the difference! One more wedding this weekend and my stay-cation begins!!