There’s A Baby In The Dollhouse!!!!

I’m sure  most of you know what we’ve been up to lately. It’s blanetly obvious if you visit mine and Lauren’s Facebook pages. But if you DON’T know……. Little baby Chloe Elizabeth was born on September 30th at 2:36am to my best friends Lauren and Tim Nichols! Man, was it a long night! I thought for sure Chloe would enter the world the night of the 29th but she had to be like her mommy and be fashionably late so as to make an entrance!

Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed in the room during labor (ARGH!), but when I walked in to meet my brand new goddaughter around 6:30am, I let everyone coddle over baby Chloe for a minute to sit on the bed with my friend/sister to make sure she was okay (Lauren had to get a Cesarean Section due to the little one not wanting to come out!). We hugged and cried because she was now a mommy! I look at Tim like a brother and we joke that it’s awkward if we hug or do a kiss on the cheek. But that ALL went out the window that early morning. I even told Lauren just the other day that seeing him as a new daddy makes him even more attractive than he already is. That was so weird to say out loud!!

Chloe is a little over 3 weeks old today and I can’t tell you how loved and spoiled this baby is! As a Godmother, I can’t express the love I have for this new beautiful life that I get to be a part of. I can only imagine the feeling when we have our own children. I didn’t want to write much because for one, everyone always wants to see pictures and two, I’ve been CRAZY busy taking care of Lauren’s wonderful clientele until she gets back. So here you go Dollface Readers…. Here’s the stunning baby Chloe Elizabeth Nichols!!




**Above Photo’s Curtesy of Heather Marie Photography**





2013-10-24 12.45.20


Pinterest… Good or Bad For a Bride?!

Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since my last blog! My dear friend and oh-so talented (and pregnant!) business partner Lauren and her husband bought a new home and an eight month pregnant woman does NOT need to be doing much labor so Matt and I have been helping them paint, move furniture, oh! And her other best friends and family threw her a baby shower in there!

The other day I read a very interesting article by a photographer by the name of Aimee Grover. The article was called ‘How Pinterest Can Discourage the Creative Process for Photographers’. I found it to be very informative for both photographers and couples. As a bride who has already had her engagement shoot done, I could see how recreating a photo you saw on Pinterest can seem a little forced and also a little degrading to the photographer. The article asked a very good question; Are you hiring your photographer for their talent or because you think they can capture that same photo you love on Pinterest?

For Matt and I’s engagement shoot, I told our photographer that I tend to get a little uncomfortable in front of the camera and I didn’t want to pretend like Matt and I were models. He asked what we like to do and I told him that Matt cooks a lot and I watch! I have an entire Pinterest Board for engagement shoot ideas. Did I show any of them to our photographer? Nope! Once he arrived at our home, he went right into photography art mode! He watched us, gave us ideas, and told us what to do! What I thought was going to be a shoot in our home, he asked if there was a fun spot outside near our house and we told him about our neighborhood’s wooden bridge. He asked if we were down and we said “Sure!” He told us to just love on each other, sit here, kiss there, look at the camera, and once we received our photos back I cried! They were  Matt and I! He caught us being ourselves. It was our photographer using his own creativity to capture us being real and in love.

Back to the article… I thought this also retains to makeup! Granted, makeup artists usually tell brides to bring inspiration pictures to the trial run. But one has to remember that they aren’t the women in the photo’s. We can definitely recreate a look, but it will always look different on someone else because, well, everyone doesn’t look the same! We’ll do a look from a picture and the bride might think it’s too much or not like it so much on them. My advice, know what colors you like, know that warm colors bring out blue eyes, fuller lips look better with a darker or red lipstick/gloss, and KNOW that your makeup artist is creative! I look at peoples faces like blank canvas’s. I love going into a trial run and the bride says, “I trust you!” My mind starts running and seeing all different looks and then the perfect look pops into my head and I just go with it!


Read the article and think about makeup while reading about photography. And enjoy some images from Lauren and I’s past clients who let us get creative and trusted us!

Xoxo, Casey*


2013-06-11 16.03.40


Lauren Yoder



Wedding Planning: Venue

Ever since I started doing makeup professionally I’ve learned so much about the wedding industry and how it all works. Many of my brides have taught me so much as well. So when Matty-Cakes and I got engaged, I knew the venue was the first thing to book. Well, besides Richard of course (If you read my last post, you know what I’m referring to)!

We knew February would be a good month because it’s right before Matt has to start traveling again for his job in NASCAR. Like I’ve said before, I’m every typical girl that dreams of her wedding day. Especially with addictive websites nowadays such as Pinterest and Etsy. I had an idea in my head of where I wanted to having our ceremony and reception, I just never disclosed the location with Matt until he put a ring on it! I grew up with movies. I even have a talented brother who’s living his lifelong dream working for Disney Animation. I wanted our wedding to have an “Old Hollywood” feel to it. I knew I wanted our colors to be black, ivory, and deep red. Very classic. Feathers, bold fonts, lots of candles, pearls, lace, etc. I knew this “little” hotel in south Charlotte would be perfect for my Old Hollywood wedding………..


So one Saturday morning in February my parents, Matt, and I were off to the glorious Ballantyne Hotel and Spa. We were welcomed with champagne to toast to US!! The sales rep, Monica, then took us on a tour of all of the different rooms that are offered. Guest rooms, bridal suites, presidential suite, etc. She showed us the gigantically miraculous Ballantyne Ballroom. It’s almost 7,000 square feet!! We could split up the ballroom and have the ceremony on one side and the reception on the other. She then took us over to the Carolina Room where we could easily have our ceremony with up to 150 guests. It was gorgeous!!! Floor to ceilings windows looking over the golf course, guests entering through the outside terrace, dim candle light up the aisle at sunset in the cold winter. It was perfect! Next she took us upstairs to the smaller Fairway Ballroom. It took me a minute but Matt fell in love with it first. It also has floor to ceiling windows looking over the golf course along the back wall. I think why I wasn’t thrilled with it at first was due to the lower ceilings (I know it’s not much.. 11 feet compared to the Ballantyne Ballrooms 16 feet but still!!). But as I thought about it, we could drape the walls to make the ceiling seem higher and give it drama.

And then the favorite part of the tour happens….. Monica takes us to lunch at the hotels restaurant. As we get to the table there are little cookies in the shape of a wedding cake with Matt & Casey written in frosting!! I was SOLD!! Monica was so sweet, answered all of our questions, and went above and beyond great customer service. We had a great lunch and decided on an official date…. February 1st, 2014!! Once we realized that it falls on the day before the SuperBowl, Matt and I thought it would be best to wait and leave for our honeymoon on Monday the 3rd. My Atlanta Falcons could go up against his New England Patriots and dammit, I’m not missing that!!

I had a rather easy and seamless experience as far as booking our venue. So here’s a few pointers for you future brides:

1. DON’T set a date first!! You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to find a venue that has your date open.

2. Go look at venues before you do anything else if you don’t have a wedding planner. This way, you’ll know more of what you want as far as decorations and such.

3. Are you inviting a lot of out of town guests? If so, think of a venue near hotels. Or do like me and book a hotel for everything!

4. Go over budget for the wedding beforehand so you know about what you can spend.

5. Remember, no question is stupid!! Make a list for the sales rep!! Ask about catering, beverage, decoration policies, preferred vendors, penalizations for using outside rentals (Trust me, they do this!), do they provide tables and chairs, etc!

6. And most important, were you blown away with your experience touring the venue?! If so, go with your gut!


I LOVE doing an Old Hollywood look for brides and models!! Red lips, winged black eyeliner, thick lashes, soft pink blush. You could do it for anything! Work, out to dinner, out on the town with your girlfriends, anytime!! Here’s some good products to play with for this look:



1. MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

2. Benefit They’re Real Mascara

3. NARS Orgasm Blush

4. Dior Lipstick in Cherry Red


Hope everyone got something out of this! Til next time!



It’s Wedding Season and…. I’m Getting Married Too!!

I’m a horrible person. I have not met my New Year’s resolution and blogged every couple of weeks :(. My reasoning; Wedding season has kept me SUPER busy making brides, maids, and mama’s feel beautiful, also… I’m planning my OWN wedding!!! My fiancé and I are finally making it official February 1st, 2014. Being in the wedding industry I knew that planning a wedding was a lot of work. But I never thought it would be this stressful! I’ve had my share of panic attacks, meltdowns, and explosive arguments with Matt out of pure exhaustion and stress.

I always thought this time would be special and exciting and precious (and it mostly has been) but what some people don’t know about me is I’m a true Virgo! I want everything done at once! We took a tour of our venue (Ballantyne Hotel & Spa) not even a week after we got engaged. I emailed our photographer (more about him later!) the very NEXT DAY because I’m neurotic like any normal Virgo. You see, I’ve had our wedding all planned a couple years into our relationship. I’m like every average girl and knew exactly how I wanted our wedding to be. So as soon as that ring was on my finger, I started booking vendors!

First, before anything, I’d like to do a weekly post of my own wedding planning experiences and vendor spotlights. And of course incorporate makeup in there too! Does that sound okay?!

My first vendor spotlight is our amazingly talented and brilliant photographer Richard Israel. I’ve been quietly stalking Richard for almost 2 years now. As soon as I first saw his work, I knew that I wanted him for my non-existent wedding at the time! Our wedding is going to have an “Old Hollywood” feel to it. Our colors are black, ivory, and dark red. Very classic but yet sexy. I knew Richard would be perfect for this! Richard does quite a bit of black and white but he also uses old cameras with film to give the photo texture and a vintage feel. Old Hollywood themed wedding + Richard = perfection in my eyes!! His ability to make photography into beautiful art astounds me. He makes every photo literally look like a dream world.

After emailing back and forth we set a date to meet. Can I just tell you, this man is stylish!! Boots, leather, scarf, fedora, distressed denim. I knew Richard was from the UK so I was excited to sit and have a conversation with him because who doesn’t love a good British accent?! We had a great meeting and we all “gelled” and we told him we wanted him for our big day on the spot! And now the fun begins…. Engagement session!!! I’ve never worked with a photographer that gave better direction than Richard did with us. I told him beforehand that I didn’t want Matt and I to pretend like we were models like most engagement sessions. I’m not saying most engagement sessions are boring or uninteresting by any means!! It’s just not Matt and I. Matt is an amazing cook thanks to his Italian heritage and the wonderful women in his family. I like to watch him cook because unfortunately I didn’t get the cooking gene. So I wanted to capture that. I also wanted our two dogs in a few because they’re our world and part of our little family. After making meatballs and a quick wardrobe change on my part we headed to our neighborhoods cute little wooden bridge. Can I just say that Richard captured who Matt and I are perfectly when we got there (You’ll see below!). We then went down under the bridge into some wooded areas and he got some beautiful shots with his film camera. With a splinter in my bum, cut up feet from walking in thorns with bare feet, we were finished. I knew I would be pleased. And a week later, we were more than pleased. We were ecstatic!

I could never say enough good things about Richard. Brides, models, mothers, fathers, and EVERYONE check out his work. It’s breathtaking. I hope you enjoy some of our engagement photos as much as we do!












Thank you Richard for creating photos for us to cherish forever! To everyone else, I hope you enjoyed This little bit of my life. Of course I can’t leave without letting you know what makeup colors I was wearing! Here you go!!

2013-06-05 21.12.50

 ***All MAC Cosmetic products***

1. Jest Eye Shadow (Lid and brow highlight) *One of my favorite colors!

2. Satin Taupe Eye Shadow (Blend into crease and on bottom lash line under liner) *My absolute go-to color!!!

3. Carbon Eyeshadow (Blend on outer lid corner up into crease)

4. Penultimate Eyeliner (Top lid and water line halfway underneath)

5. Sculpt and Highlighting Powder (Take the dark color and lightly blend a soft line under your cheek bone. Take the highlight powder and lightly dust your cheekbones and up to the temples)

6. Blankety Lipstick *another go-to!

7. Soar Lipliner

All Products can be found HERE!!!


Till Next Week!! Xoxo,


Soiree’: A Swanky Little Bridal Event

Hello future brides!! As a future bride-to-be myself I’m so excited to be a part of next weeks bridal event, Soiree! It’s DEFINITELY not your typical “bridal show”. We’re not here to sell ourselves and services to you! It’s simply an evening for you to get inspiration ideas for your wedding, mingle, have tasty treats and cocktails, and speak with Charlotte’s exclusive wedding vendors about anything and everything wedding related!! And did I mention it’s at the beautiful Foundation for the Carolina’s and there will be a ROOFTOP fashion show?! You can get your ticket information by clicking here!

Soiree low res


























We look forward to seeing you all there!!




Back in a Studio!

Back in November of last year, I had the chance to work with the oh-so-talented Glenn Roberson. He was shooting a young high school girl just wanting to do a photo shoot. When Emma arrived I was so excited because she’s simply GORGEOUS!! And only 15!! She wanted to look a little more grown up so we made her sky-blues the focal point by smoking them up with some browns and golds. To make her eyes seem further apart I smoked them out a little past the corner of her eyes. Her lips are already full so we just used a neutral  gloss and a little peachy blush to her flawless skin and voila! Hope you enjoy a few of the images!!

Emma 12

Emma 11

Emma 5

Emma 2

New Year, New Promise, New Favorites!


2012 was an amazing memorable year for Lauren and I. We moved from Charlotte to Cornelius so we both could be closer to home and so both of us could work 5 days a week. How could we say no to our adorable little Dollhouse?! 2012 was a big year for my dear best friend and business partner… She became a wifey!!! She was the most beautiful bride and I feel so lucky to be a part of her big day. And my significant other and I added to our family the sweetest little cockapoo we named Lucy! We rescued her from the Humane Society of Charlotte. You can check out Lucy’s story with her brother (Dave!) HERE on my good friend Sarah McGraw’s site. She took the most beautiful photo’s of my four-legged kiddo’s and I’ll be forever indebted to her!

My New Year’s resolution usually consists of only one thing…. Getting back into shape after slacking miserably during the holidays! But this year I added something else to it. I promised to myself that I would start posting more (at least once every two weeks!) on our website and work on getting Dollface’s name out there for all of Greater Charlotte to see! A few fun things are in the works but we’ll talk about those when the time comes.

For this first post of the year, I thought I would just share a few of my favorite things at the moment. I find these blog posts to be very “generic” amongst bloggers but hey, it’s a great way to promote items that you love and maybe someone will find those things equally as awesome!

1. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair – Even though I’ve gone darker recently, my hair is still in MAJOR need of repair from all the blonde and bleach I’ve put in my hair over the years. I want my air to be long and lustrous like the next girl and I’ve gone through so many damage repair hair products and this one has helped significantly! Especially in these winter months when hair tends to get super dry. Every stylist has warned me not to put too much protein in your hair or else it will break off (I made that mistake a few years ago!). This has the perfect amount of all-natural quinoa and wheat proteins and essential oils to keep your hair healthy and moisturized even after heat styling and chemical treatments!

2. Control Corrective Gentle Facial Wash – Lauren found this brand and I’m so glad she did! We have started incorporating some of their products into our facials at Dollface. This cleanser is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin type. More oily skin types will also love it because it suds up very well leaving you with that squeaky clean feeling!

3. The Lumineers – After seeing these guys open for Dave Matthews Band in December, I’ve been in love! It’s one of the few albums that I can listen in it’s entirety. In many of these songs, the drummer just uses a kick drum while playing the tambourine. It’s a feel-good, refreshing album.

4. MAC Lipstick in “Pink Pearl Pop” – I’m OBSESSED with this color!! It goes with everything! It’s a perfect, bright, blue-ish pink with a soft, creamy sheen. Top it off with a little Flusterrose Lustreglass for a sultry pout!

5. The Atlanta Falcons – I was born in the great city of Atlanta, GA but grew up in the also great Charlotte, NC. I call Charlotte my home however, I will forever be a Georgia Peach therefore I am a loud, and proud Falcons fan! 2012 was our year and here’s to 2013! RISE UP!!!!

Until next time…