Back in a Studio!

Back in November of last year, I had the chance to work with the oh-so-talented Glenn Roberson. He was shooting a young high school girl just wanting to do a photo shoot. When Emma arrived I was so excited because she’s simply GORGEOUS!! And only 15!! She wanted to look a little more grown up so we made her sky-blues the focal point by smoking them up with some browns and golds. To make her eyes seem further apart I smoked them out a little past the corner of her eyes. Her lips are already full so we just used a neutral  gloss and a little peachy blush to her flawless skin and voila! Hope you enjoy a few of the images!!

Emma 12

Emma 11

Emma 5

Emma 2

New Year, New Promise, New Favorites!


2012 was an amazing memorable year for Lauren and I. We moved from Charlotte to Cornelius so we both could be closer to home and so both of us could work 5 days a week. How could we say no to our adorable little Dollhouse?! 2012 was a big year for my dear best friend and business partner… She became a wifey!!! She was the most beautiful bride and I feel so lucky to be a part of her big day. And my significant other and I added to our family the sweetest little cockapoo we named Lucy! We rescued her from the Humane Society of Charlotte. You can check out Lucy’s story with her brother (Dave!) HERE on my good friend Sarah McGraw’s site. She took the most beautiful photo’s of my four-legged kiddo’s and I’ll be forever indebted to her!

My New Year’s resolution usually consists of only one thing…. Getting back into shape after slacking miserably during the holidays! But this year I added something else to it. I promised to myself that I would start posting more (at least once every two weeks!) on our website and work on getting Dollface’s name out there for all of Greater Charlotte to see! A few fun things are in the works but we’ll talk about those when the time comes.

For this first post of the year, I thought I would just share a few of my favorite things at the moment. I find these blog posts to be very “generic” amongst bloggers but hey, it’s a great way to promote items that you love and maybe someone will find those things equally as awesome!

1. Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair – Even though I’ve gone darker recently, my hair is still in MAJOR need of repair from all the blonde and bleach I’ve put in my hair over the years. I want my air to be long and lustrous like the next girl and I’ve gone through so many damage repair hair products and this one has helped significantly! Especially in these winter months when hair tends to get super dry. Every stylist has warned me not to put too much protein in your hair or else it will break off (I made that mistake a few years ago!). This has the perfect amount of all-natural quinoa and wheat proteins and essential oils to keep your hair healthy and moisturized even after heat styling and chemical treatments!

2. Control Corrective Gentle Facial Wash – Lauren found this brand and I’m so glad she did! We have started incorporating some of their products into our facials at Dollface. This cleanser is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin type. More oily skin types will also love it because it suds up very well leaving you with that squeaky clean feeling!

3. The Lumineers – After seeing these guys open for Dave Matthews Band in December, I’ve been in love! It’s one of the few albums that I can listen in it’s entirety. In many of these songs, the drummer just uses a kick drum while playing the tambourine. It’s a feel-good, refreshing album.

4. MAC Lipstick in “Pink Pearl Pop” – I’m OBSESSED with this color!! It goes with everything! It’s a perfect, bright, blue-ish pink with a soft, creamy sheen. Top it off with a little Flusterrose Lustreglass for a sultry pout!

5. The Atlanta Falcons – I was born in the great city of Atlanta, GA but grew up in the also great Charlotte, NC. I call Charlotte my home however, I will forever be a Georgia Peach therefore I am a loud, and proud Falcons fan! 2012 was our year and here’s to 2013! RISE UP!!!!

Until next time…







Is Having a PROFESSIONAL Makeup Artist For Your Wedding Important? Why, YES, It Is!!!

Makeup is my passion. It’s my escape, my joy, it’s what I live for. To be a part of the most important day in a brides life is absolutely priceless. With that said, I don’t think a lot of brides realize how crucial it is to have a PROFESSIONAL makeup artist for their wedding day. I put “professional” in all caps because unfortunately there are way too many people out there who claim to be artists but in reality, are just your regular Joe Shmoe who carries around their own personal makeup and brushes thinking this is something that would be fun to do for an extra buck! Sorry folks, it’s very much true. Most brides would rather spend money on getting a very intricate up-do for their hair. If I recall, most photos are taken of the bride and grooms front side and not the back?! Not that hair is any less important, but I believe women tend to forget that this is most photographed day of their lives.

Let me ask you this question…. If you go into your salon and get your hair done and don’t have any makeup on yet, don’t you find that you can’t quite capture how great your hair looks until you have your makeup on? And say you put your makeup on right out of the shower and have not yet dried your hair but you still feel pretty even though your hair looks like a wet mop?! Get my point???

It takes a creative eye to see the beauty and potential in a canvas. My canvas is a face. Professional artists are trained to apply flawless, stunning makeup that can last through the ceremony and reception or posing and wardrobe changes. We also understand the many factors that can affect your look. For example, everyday makeup is entirely different from makeup that looks best for photography and film, and a skilled artist knows how to take into account the lighting and location of where the photos will be taken.

It’s frustrating that there are those so-called “artists” out there because it makes us REAL artists with REAL businesses seem overpriced and less qualified. I’m listing below things to look out for when searching for a makeup artist in your area:

1. Training – Look for artists that have had real training with reputable schools/makeup companies. You can even ask to see proof! If the artist really did attend “said” school or classes, they will gladly show you any documentation you ask for.

2. Pricing – Are their prices too good to be true?! Yes, they are!!! It’s like any business, you get what you pay for! If they’re great at what they do, it reflects in cost. If an artist is only charging you around $50 for the day of your wedding, she or he is probably using their own stash of makeup. Any girl knows that makeup is expensive! Especially professional makeup. We take into account the cost for us to replenish our products as well as time and travel.

3. Pictures!!! – Make sure their site has examples of their work! Look to see how “flawless” the makeup looks, is the shadow blended, is the eyeliner perfectly straight (yes, it IS possible!), do the cheeks look like they’ve just been pinched instead of a streaky line of blush, are the cheekbones highlighted and glowing?

4. Kit – ALWAYS look at their makeup before they put it on your skin! Make sure everything is stored in closed containers (for sanitary reasons obviously!). Make sure everything is sanitized in front of you! And look to see which brands they use. Drug store brands and companies like Mary Kay and Motives are not what a reputable artist would use. I’m not saying they aren’t good, but someone who uses these market pyramid brands are probably wanting to get extra cash in their pocket from sales. Any selling that should be done is the artist selling themselves! Not their makeup. Look for brands like MAC, Nars, Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Benefit.

5. Referrals – If the artist was recommended to you by a friend or has a ton of great reviews online, they’re more than likely the way to go!

6. Finally…. CONTRACT! – This means they value your time and money spent… PERIOD!!!

Until next time…. xoxo






Hi My Name is Casey… I’m Addicted to Pinterest

I’m so excited that Lauren and I are FINALLY blogging! Better late than never, right?! There’s so many things I want to write about that it was so hard for me to decide what to start with first. What better way to start than with my addiction for the past few months….  Pinterest.

I have my good days, and my bad days. A good day is checking my page a few times hoping to get some inspiration on the latest fashion trends, amazing recipes, or flawless makeup looks. A BAD day consumes my entire soul (No joke!)! I’ve spent entire days scrounging through pictures, which then leads to all types of websites that I MUST explore. On a bad day, my neck and spine are screaming in agonizing pain for being in one position for hours on end. My biggest obsessions are weddings and healthy living. Since my dear friend and business partner is getting married in a couple short months I’ve wanted to know everything about the wedding process. The details, the costs, the locations, the fashion, etc. Healthy living has tied into this because I ordered my bridesmaid dress online and once I received it back in November, we were barely able to zip it up! That was my motivation to turn my life around and get fit again. After finding great recipes and exercises on Pinterest, I am now 5 pounds lighter and going strong! Oh, did I mention I can FINALLY zip up my bridesmaid dress comfortably?!

So as far as Pinterest goes I would say the good outweighs the bad. I’ve posted a few of my favorite “pins” below. And be sure to follow my boards on the most addicting site created! Well, who are we kidding? I think Facebook takes the cake on that battle. Until next time….. Xoxo, Casey